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It was so late, the early morning talk shows were playing.

You peeled back the covers and I slid into the warm darkness and curled up against your skin. Every last ounce of patience had brought me there, and I couldn’t breathe. My heart flew all around in every direction, hitting my bones with such force as it tried so hard to collide with your heart.

The television was too loud and the bed was too big and your hips were so small…and it was so dark that you looked like a completely different person. You weren’t the velvet-sweet con man who seduced me to bed. You were the version of you that I had always hoped would love me endlessly.

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I want to cease existing

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to the romantics.


You can love someone
so that it literally
kills you inside,
leaves little sharp bits floating
knocking into vital organs,
and even the surgeon is surprised at
you are.
You can love someone
so that each part of you
lay moments from rotting off,
hanging flesh and spongy bones.

Take your daily vitamins, they said.

You can love someone
so that life with
or without them,
is painful eternity.
You can love in this way,
and you will,
and they will still leave.
Love won’t always be enough.
remember that.

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"I might flinch the first time you try to touch me-
this doesn’t mean I don’t like you
all it means is that there was one before you who
was not nearly as gentle as you are
and so we must take our time now
we must take our time"

Fortesa Latifi - To Whoever Is Next (via madgirlf)

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Trailing in the footsteps of strangers

I’m reminded of my time with you…

I get the feeling I’m inconsequential

but at least I’m not alone

all this pain is worth it.

I’m loved.

not single

you never call me special

but I know I’m your world

I am your princess

who trails in your shadow

I laugh at those women

who get themselves beat up

who swear those men love them

you praise me sparingly

abuse me verbally

I am nothing like them

my skin bears no bruises

and I know you love me

I am your princess

who bows to your word

They tell me

they’ve seen it all before

I’m being used

“You’re way too pretty

and much too young”

but they don’t know you

the way I do

I am your princess

who burns at your touch

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